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Are We There Yet?

Beth Gordon

Often, during road trips, our children will ask us 'Are we there yet?'

This reminds me to stay in the moment and enjoy the journey of partnering with my husband, our daughter, my favorite girl V and some amazing talent that is bringing this vision to market. 

I would like to also thank GOD for our licensees and partners! Thanks for believing in us and aligning with our great mission and vision! We are so blessed to have found you all.

It takes time to build something worth sharing with the world. It takes a team of dedicated people to follow through and make it happen. We are so very close to our official launch date. 

Until then, enjoy the previews and fun products made with so much love for you from all of us.


With love and gratitude,

G Studios, LLC.

The home of Earth 2 Jane, and the tribe that makes it happen.