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WHY Earth 2 Jane?

Beth Gordon

The WHY behind the brand... It started years ago when I was a designer and manufacturer of apparel for children. I had a dream that one day I would be able to develop products that made a positive impact in the world. I like the idea of aesthetically pleasing products, but this approach alone always left me longing for more significance. This was before my daughter was born who would become my best teacher for matters of the heart. Mia Bella was my WHY for pausing and my WHY for saying YAASS now to continuing the journey of Earth 2 Jane and today marks a new beginning.

Many wonderful companies have said YES to participating with us and for each of them we are grateful. We are also filled with gratiude because we have fans and people cheering us on, and thank you  for stopping in to read this post. My mission is to inspire girls towards greatness and destiny, to be the positive force that declares 'Everyone is awesome' The whole story has not been written but thank you for becoming a part of that journey.

For every "YES" we are encouraged to take another step forward. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes many good people to impact culture in a positive way by aligning with positive goals, and people who choose to live courageously. May every woman, child, dad, brother, sister and human being stopping by today be inspired to pursue the dream that lives in you! Until next time, live your best life by being your best generous self!

 Love from a mom and daughter on a mission to inspire and encourage others!  xoxo

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