Empowering girls towards destiny!

Earth 2 Jane Bedding

Jane has designed her first few collections of bedding and room decor and we are excited to unveil Jane's passion for fashion and girl empowerment! 

Coco is Jane's signature pet who is always by her side. Gotta love a faithful pooch who encourages her daily!

Bonjour Bunny is featured in this collection also,  and  Bonjour is with her girl PARIS 24/7. Every girl has to have a BFF.

Earth 2 Jane is a girls empowerment brand featuring Jane and her TRIBE of influencers who inspire girls towards destiny. For exciting updates you can find us on Instagram @earth.2_jane. Earth 2 Jane Trademarks are registered and owned by G Studios, LLC, Irvine, CA USA. All rights reserved. Earth 2 Jane copyrights owned by G Studios, LLC. All rights reserved