Empowering girls towards destiny!

Earth 2 Jane "It's All Good"

This Earth 2 Jane collection in inspired by Tess who loves the beach air and finds adventure through travel and living courageously! You can find Tess either cleaning up the beach, surfing or raising money for a good cause. This collection is for the mermaids in the world who believe in fairy tales, you know who you are. 

Ride the waves of life and believe in happy endings, Love Tess.

Psalms 89:9 You rule the oceans, you subdue their storm tossed waves.

Earth 2 Jane is a girls empowerment brand featuring Jane and her TRIBE of influencers who inspire girls towards destiny. For exciting updates you can find us on Instagram @earth.2_jane. Earth 2 Jane Trademarks are registered and owned by G Studios, LLC, Irvine, CA USA. All rights reserved. Earth 2 Jane copyrights owned by G Studios, LLC. All rights reserved